No Replacement, Save Natural Knees

As a young Orthopaedic Surgeon and Professor of Orthopaedics, Dr. Sharad Oza innovated the surgery with an objective to give back healthy knees to arthritic patients.

In last 35 years, Dr. Oza has performed this 'restoknee' surgery on thousands of patients. After having experienced painfree life many patients still visit him for thanks giving. This surgery is for all age groups and one doesn't have to live with pain to avoid knee replacement. This 'restoknee' surgery is highly-skilled and safe where knee is not opened at all and chances of infection are almost nil. In this surgery, the knee is aligned to its normal axis without introducing any type of artificial element which otherwise gets sacrificed in knee replacement. Post surgery, patient can walk the very same day bearing full weight.

The 'restoknee' surgery is so successful that there are instances of more than one family member undergoing it; to an extent that people have gone for it in both their knees. This surgery and equipments are designed as well as trademarked (TM) by Dr Sharad Oza.

People who were almost immobile are leading a normal life now. People who have undergone this 'restoknee' surgery can vouch for the same. They can climb stairs easily, sit in cross-legged position, sit on floor, perform daily chores easily, drive vehicles, bend their knees, and even play sports.

Let's kick the pain away with the 'restoknee' surgery.

The 'restoknee' surgery

When arthritis of knee strikes it changes your world, pain becomes your constant companion. While walking, while bending, while climbing stairs, or even while performing a simple act of bending knee is painful. Everything comes to a standstill for you. Medical science has evolved over the period and this dreadful condition can be cured.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR) and High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) are two most commonly performed surgeries but life doesn't remain the same after undergoing these surgeries as results are not long lasting. No artificial joint can be compared with natural joint we are born with. Number of people undergoing TKR is increasing rapidly across the globe. However...

The answer is 'restoknee' surgery.

The 'restoknee' surgery is a restoration surgery that brings life back to normal condition. Walking, bending, climbing stairs and even performing daily chores becomes normal after the surgery. One can lead a normal life thereon. Patient becomes painfree from day one. In most cases, no pain killers are needed after surgery and minimal antibiotics are needed.