restoknee Surgery
The 'restoknee' surgery is a restoration surgery that brings life back to normal condition. Walking, bending, climbing stairs Problems can be easily healed by restoknee Surgery

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restoknee - Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon

Why restoknee ?

  • No Implants
  • No opening of the joints
  • Practically Nil Infection
  • Free to do any activity, post-surgery

Introduction to restoknee

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About restoknee

No replacement, Save natural knees

As a young Orthopaedic Surgeon and Professor of Orthopaedic, Dr. Sharad Oza innovated the surgery with an objective to give back healthy knees to arthritic patients.

In last 35 years, Dr. Oza has performed this 'restoknee' surgery on thousands of patients. After having experienced pain free life many patients still visit him for thanks giving. This surgery is for all age groups and one doesn't have to live with pain to avoid knee replacement. This 'restoknee' surgery is highly-skilled and safe where knee is not opened at all and chances of infection are almost nil. In this surgery, the knee is aligned to its normal axis without introducing any type of artificial element which otherwise gets sacrificed in knee replacement. Post surgery, patient can walk the very same day bearing full weight.


restoknee Surgery V/S Knee Replacement Surgery

restoknee Surgery Knee Replacement Surgery
Chance of Infection Lasts Life Long About 10-12 years
Complicaton Almost Nil
(Other Application are always Open)
Once Joint Removed, Has gone forever with its all natural protective mechanism
Implant Failure No implant, hence no failure Failure because of foreign body reaction,infection,injury etc
Function of Knee After Surgery Almost Cent percent normal, unrestricted activity and fit to play all types of outdoor sports Restricted
Social and Sports Activity Cent Percent Possible Sports Activity not possible and social activity restricted

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