Walking is one of the few things humans start at an early stage of life.

Walking connects human with mother earth.

Gandhi stirred entire nation and challenged British Empire with his walk to Dandi.

But when arthritis of knee strikes it changes your world.

Pain becomes your constant companion

In walk / in getting up / in bending / in climbing up and down stairs / Getting in and off car or an auto / Even a simple act of bending knee beats you… / Smallest movement becomes painful / Everything comes to a standstill for you… / It gives more pain when the world around you is moving / And you are pinned to one place.

All this because modern day lifestyle makes us prey to arthritis

Medical science has evolved over the period to heal us of this dreadful condition. Total Knee replacement or TKR and High Tibial Osteotomy or HTO are two most commonly performed surgeries but life doesn’t remain same after undergoing these surgeries. You can’t enjoy all movements of life, be it routine activities, sports, driving or exercise, the way you did before surgery…

Because no artificial joint can be compared with god given natural joint… Number of people undergoing TKR is increasing rapidly across the globe.

The answer is restoknee procedure

Restoration is to bring back to a previous condition, place or owner.[oxford dictionary] Restoration procedure of knee is to bring back the condition of the knee which patient was enjoying without any pain, limping or Restriction movements to its previous normal condition.

In this procedure we don’t have to open the joint. We don’t have to put any artificial implants in or around the joint. By special incisions Restoration cuts are made in the both components of the bone of the knee joint.

After Restoration procedure the limb is put in special costume made patient friendly Brace. And patient becomes pain free from day one. Many times no pain killers are needed after procedure and minimum antibiotics are needed.