Ritaben Trivedi


Having residual polio of whole of the right leg, I could hardly bear any weight on my right leg. Being completely dependent on the left leg for walking, I was walking hand to knee gate with too much forward bending which caused back pain. I was devastated when my normal left knee started suffering from severe pain and I could barely walk at the age of 59. It had become impossible for me to even climb a few stairs without going on all four. Naturally I started researching for various options to get my only working leg back to normal.

I got a lot of suggestions from top professionals to go for knee replacement but having worked in medical department for government since years, I surely knew that risking the joints of my knee with something artificial won’t be good in the long run. I had almost given up until my brother, who had already undergone restoknee surgery with full satisfaction, referred me to visit Dr. Sharad Oza and Dr. Hem Oza to get treated through restoknee and understand the procedure. They ensured me that none of my knee tissues will be removed and also allowed me to talk to many of their patients who had got restoknee done and were enjoying fruitful results. After being completely convinced myself, I decided to go for restoknee.

I am so thrilled to be able to walk upright after 45 years without any support. My leg is perfectly normal and I am able to walk unaided with that leg happily without any problems.