Mr. Mahfudh Abdulrahman


Being extremely passionate about playing football, I was disappointed that I could not play anymore due to severe knee pain at the age of 52. I approached a lot of top notch hospitals here locally in Mombasa where they suggested me knee replacement as the remedy and I was told that I won’t be able to play football again. Also I was not convinced with the idea of artificial implants and the whole surgery procedure. Having a lot of global exposure due to my business, I didn’t give up and contacted certain hospitals globally. To my disappointment the only option I was offered everywhere was knee replacement. I was depressed to learn that I would not be able to play football after surgery.

Luckily I was made aware about restoknee through a colleague. After having a detailed discussion with Dr. Sharad Oza and Dr. Hem Oza I learned that restoknee surgery is totally opposite to knee replacement surgery. They also ensured me that I would be able to have a normal routine back soon and would also be able to continue playing football. So I chose the right option and underwent restoknee surgery. I am already walking without any support and I feel confident about playing football soon like other sportsmen who have undergone restoknee surgery.