Hetalben Doshi

hetalben doshi

I was quite concerned with the fact that at the young age of 38 I was having such unbearable knee pain in both my legs that I could barely walk. Since my condition was worsening day by day, I decided to consult a few orthopaedic surgeons and all of them suggested me to go for knee replacement operation. But would inserting an artificial joint in my knee be a good option? Knowing that the artificial implant will last only for 10-12 years it was a big concern because I was just 38 and was worried about suffering from knee pain in my old age. Questions aroused if I needed to go through the whole process again after 10-12 years. I was also concerned that if I go through a knee replacement again, my leg may be shortened and it will be a very painful procedure with no definitive results.

Due to such reasons I wasn’t very sure about knee replacement surgery. At last I got to know about Dr. Sharad Oza and Dr. Hem Oza and decided to visit their hospital. I understood the procedure and was glad to know that there are no artificial implants done with the restoknee surgery. I also met few of the patients they had treated and was convinced that I won’t have any issues in my old age too as the surgery will have permanent results. I got restoknee surgery done for one knee. I am extremely happy with the results and am enjoying the full range of movement. I am ready to get the second knee operated soon.