Mr. Mahfudh Abdulrahman


Being extremely passionate about playing football, I was disappointed that I could not play anymore due to severe knee pain at the age of 52. I approached a lot of top notch hospitals here locally in Mombasa where they suggested me knee replacement as the remedy and I was told that I won’t be able to play football again. Also …

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Ritaben Trivedi


Having residual polio of whole of the right leg, I could hardly bear any weight on my right leg. Being completely dependent on the left leg for walking, I was walking hand to knee gate with too much forward bending which caused back pain. I was devastated when my normal left knee started suffering from severe pain and I could …

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Hetalben Doshi

hetalben doshi

I was quite concerned with the fact that at the young age of 38 I was having such unbearable knee pain in both my legs that I could barely walk. Since my condition was worsening day by day, I decided to consult a few orthopaedic surgeons and all of them suggested me to go for knee replacement operation. But would …

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